The Ellington and Hereson School is an exciting and dynamic community, based on mutual respect where our learners develop the skills to become successful international citizens.

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World Book Day Inter-House Competition 2015book3

To help celebrate World Book Day this year, an inter-house competition was set for the pupils in Years 7, 8 & 9 to design a new book token. The entries were of a high standard and were judged by Mrs Johnson, Head of Art who took into account the design itself, the impact it would have on its audience and the ease of which it could be reproduced.

The winners for each House were:

Deal – Matthew Riordan
Dover – Callum Linkstead
Hever – Tyler Baker
Walmer – Jake Achilleos

Overall competition winner 2nd prize:

Haylee Saunders – Walmer

Overall competition winner 1st prize:

Lily Headley - Deal

Well done to the winners and to all those who took part!


School Announces New Name

Plans to create a new secondary school in Thanet, that will see Ellington and Hereson School and the Marlowe Academy join together continue to take shape. Headteachers at both schools have today written to parents to update them on progress, and to advise them about a change to the proposed name of the new school, based on preferences of students and parents.

Feedback during the public consultation was very positive, and indicated broad support for the proposal to create the new school. However, while parents and students were supportive about the plans, a majority disliked the original proposed name - ‘The Augustus Pugin Academy’. The schools’ governors held discussions with their respective student councils and a ballot was arranged to choose a new name.

Subject to confirmation by Companies House, the new school will be called the ‘Royal Harbour Academy’. This not only reflects the wishes of the students but is a fitting name for a new school in a town which has the only royal designated harbour in the country. A new uniform has also been finalised, based again on the students’ choice of grey blazers and burgundy sports kit.

Planning now continues for the changes that will take place in time for the next academic year, including visits for current students, parents and teachers to both schools. A final decision on the proposal by Kent County Council’s Cabinet Member for Education is expected later this month.


EHS Mark VE Day at 70Sponge cake

Veterans from the Thanet branch of the Royal British Legion entertained students of the Ellington and Hereson School with tales of bravery, loss and victory as the 70th anniversary of VE day passed on Friday 8th May. This was the third visit from Alistair Thomson as he was able to discuss the impact of the Second World War on his family and future career in the army. Wally Smith visiting for the second time recalled finding out the war in Europe was over when he was a prisoner of war in the Black Forest in Germany. Wally quickly rushed to the American zone of occupation to get back home, knowing this would be a safer route.

Tony Hunt and John Cook kept students interest through stories of their own growing up during and after VE day including fighting in jungles with 20 foot pythons and adjusting from a military to civil life. The school also welcomed Gordon Kirby. At over 100 years of age Gordon could recall his own experience of rest and recuperation following a battle in Italy prior to the end of the war in Europe. Finally Rajen Limbu from the Gurkha community in Folkestone joined the group as a child of a war veteran from World War Two he was able to describe his earliest memories of his father’s stories. Later on the veterans were treated to a special Home Front lunch which included spam fritters, bread and butter pudding, fish and chips and the finest Victoria sponge made with dried egg!

The war raged on for a further three months until Japan surrendered in September 1945 but for all of the veterans concerned, their lives had irrevocably changed.

As the nation observed a two minute silence later that day the school community would like to place on record its gratitude and thanks to our brave veterans for the sacrifice they were prepared to make for us 70 years ago and their enthusiasm for wanting to share their passion with students and the community today.

VE Day group

Nepal Disaster Appeal Kicks OffNepal cheque

As news of the 8.1 magnitude earthquake which hit Nepal last week arrived, students leapt into action to begin fund raising efforts to provide vital support for the disaster hit region. Through the contacts of the Folkestone Nepalese Community the school raised over £100 for vital water purification tablets which will be focussed on one particular village, Pakhure in Nuwakote District in 140km west of Kathmandu.

Head of History Mr Millard explained why this appeal had been so vital “all of the students heard the stories on the radio or through the news and we all agreed we should do something, especially when you consider the effect it is having on families from our local Gurkha community.

The monsoon season is about to hit so the cause was made even more urgent to make sure the Nepalese people have at the very least clean water. We hope to build further fund raising efforts over the next term”. Students collected DVDs, sweets and CD’s for sale and even threw in the odd bit of lose change as the fundraising began this week. Please see if you would like to contribute further.

In the photo is Rajen Limbu, representing the Nepalese Folkestone Community who are coordinating aid in an area of Nepal. The student is Stephen Robertson, Year 8 who gave up his lunch and break times to support the efforts.

Proposed New Ramsgate Academy Consultation Update

Please Click Here for the proposal for the new Ramsgate Academy.

Please Click Here for the consultation survey results.

Nepal Disaster Appeal

Dear Parent/Guardian

Along with the world community, the school is shocked and saddened to hear of the earthquake disaster which hit Nepal at the weekend.  The UN estimate that as many as eight million people are affected, over a quarter of this mountain nations population. Death toll estimates exceed 4,000 people already. As many as 1.4 million are in urgent need of water, food and shelter.

As a mark of solidarity with the Nepalese, many of whom have family settled here in East Kent and served in our armed forces the school would like to raise an urgent appeal for funds for the Disasters Emergency Fund. More information on this appeal can be found at the following address

Read more: Nepal Disaster Appeal

EHS Students Set The Pacerunning03

Over 30 EHS students competed in the inaugural school Cross Country Championship on the new two mile course of St Lawrence playing fields this week. Storming home for a debut success was Molly Curtis, setting a blistering pace throughout to win with nearly a minute in hand in 11.57. Coming home in second was a consistent race controlled by Charlotte Woodcock.

In the boys race Reece Aveling dominated the field for most of the contest. Ethan Adams in 2nd put in a sustained effort towards the finish line and shows all the potential of a start for the future. It was Reece however who won the contest, making use of some quality spring training in the gym to record a time of 10.39, 20 seconds ahead of Ethan.

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Doddle Takes Off to a SuccessIMG 0369

As you are aware, at the start of this academic year, we introduced an educational platform called Doddle. We invested into Doddle as we thought it would be a great way of implementing the homework policy here at the Ellington and Hereson School.

doddle top

By using Doddle Teachers can track student progress and provide instant feedback on students’ work; Students can access Doddle resources online and find support materials to support homework and exam revision; Parents can keep track of their child’s assignments and help them search through Doddle support materials. With a total of over 10,000 student log ins, and over 60,000 resources assigned to students since September, clearly demonstrates how popular Doddle has become across the school.

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